Moot Yang Gunya Festival - First weekend in March!

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The Moot Yang Gunya Festival has a large livestock section, with a focus on horses and sheep but the show also features a large exhibitors section and we want your input! Have a look at some of the categories below to see if they fit into your personal preferences. 

The online version below is the official programme to be run by on show day.

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Exhibitors Entry Form: For All Sections

Section A: 2014 Spectacular Display
Section B:
2014 Fruit & Vegetables
Section C:
2014 Jams & Preserves
Section D:
2014 Cut Flowers
Section E:
2014 Pot Plants
Section F:
2014 Beer & Wine Competition
Section G: 2014 Scrapbooking   
Section H:
2014 Cookery 
Section HJ: 2014 Junior Cookery
Section I-1: 2014 Junior Art
Section I-2: 2014 Open Art
Section I-3: 2014 Junior Section (Art)
Section J: 2014 Needlework, Knitting, Crocheting & Craft
Section JA: 2014 Senior Needlework & Craft
Section K: 2014 Photography 
Section L: 2014 Horses In Action - All Events
Section M: 2014 Pets
Section N: 2014 Wool
Section O: 2014 Grain & Fodder
Section P: 2014 Sheep
Section Q: 2014 Beef Cattle
Section R: 2014 Yard Dog Competition
Section S: 2014 Hay Bale Creations
Section T: 2014 Ute Muster

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